The Teatime Sessions

by Hungry Lucy

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Alessandro Selli
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Alessandro Selli This is just the kind of music that makes me most comfortable: moving without being overly emotional, intimate and not pretentious, imaginative but not deceiving, warm, not invasive. Like a friend whom you long to meet in order to listen the many stories he/she can tell so well, and you never doubt he/she's telling them from his/her heart, not making them up to show off before your eyes. The warmth of emotion fills the air untainted by mistrust or unconfessed motives. Favorite track: Stay (live).
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a collection of 9 live performances, orginally recorded during the “Tea with Hungry Lucy” podcast.

remixed, remastered, and really quite good!

available exclusively as a digital release.


released August 13, 2008

written and performed by Christa Belle and Warren Harrison




Hungry Lucy Cincinnati

Hungry Lucy have been making "gypsy electronica" since Nov, 1998. Their unique blend of haunting female vocals, rich electronic instrumentation and groovy beats is ever evolving with each new release. Since 1998, Hungry Lucy has released many albums, made countless compilation appearances and toured the U.S. several times.

"Intoxicating gypsy electronica with enchanting female vocals"
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Track Name: We Won't Go (live)
are they really here
or just in my mind (in her mind)
oh and can you feel the fear
of what lies behind their eyes
they came from the walls
they tortured us all
and drove us away from our home

here in the night
they are calling my name
(so she goes)
there is no wrong or right
but i'm losing this game
(and she knows)
what can we do
what can we say
(they don't know)
if it wasn't for you
we would not run away
(but they go)

by the garden gate
i sit with my brother
i just hope it's not too late
for my father and mother
shall we go back inside
there's no reason to hide
we can fight and take back our home

they say that when the wolves come out of the walls, it's all over.
but it's not all over, coz we won't go. We won't go!

here in the night
they are crying in pain
(and she knows)
everything is alright
we did not fight in vain
(they won't go)
we know what to do
and we know what to say
(now they know)
there's no power in you
we will not run away
(we won't go)
Track Name: Good Girl (live)
I’m not your good girl
I’m not anyone
Life has grown so difficult
Just trying not to fall

Sometimes I see you
Peek through your dark disguise
Though I am broken down by your words
I can’t look away from your eyes
You want too much of me
And you give me nothing but lies

When you’re here
I can’t feel
Who I really am
When you’re gone
I want to run
Far away

Push and pull my heartstrings
Each tug takes liberty
You fight to get what suits you
Make the world what you want it to be
Time to step out of your shadow
Let the sun shine down on me

I’m not your good girl
I’m not your anything
I’ve become so cynical
Smaller steps won’t stop my fall
Track Name: Open Window (live)
One night
I opened my window
I wanted to see
What would come in
I fell into sleep
And that’s where I found you
You held me so close
And then you were gone

I can see you tonight
What happens
Will I see you again
Or will I be
All alone

One night
I closed my window
I just couldn’t bare
Those dreams again
I fell out of sleep
And I couldn’t find you
I woke up
And then you were gone

I can’t hold you tonight
My world wrapped
In sorrow
I won’t hold you again
So now I’ll be
All alone
Track Name: Rebirth (live)
Silver lines have turned to black
There is no turning back
Fade and shift and leave me blind
I left it all behind

What am I to do
Without you
Guess we'll never know
Into the dark abyss I go

Tell me why
We must stop breathing
Born to die
Life is so

Flames flicker 'round my face
What is this place
Wishing wells and more
A drug that meets the core

What it is you see
Is only me
Faded dreams have gone astray
I can't see the light
Of day

Tell me who
Took my heart away
Kings and fools
I will take it back
Some day

I am free
Here upon this earth
I will be
Witness to
Track Name: Shine (live)
You’ve got to fight for it
After all it’s yours
Don’t let the world
Push you down
Into its’ core
Please don’t cry
What’s done is done
You can only fix yourself
You can never change
The other ones

Shine this light down on me forever
My open eyes are so alive
Break through these walls that leave me useless
All of my fears have gone away

The pain is over now
And the wounds are healed
They clipped your wings
But now you see
What’s been revealed
Look to the sky
Draw down the moon
Fill your life with silver dreams
Spin a secret spell
You’ll find it soon
Track Name: Softly (live)
I don't need you to say
Pain is coming close
I know all too well
By the force of your hand

I am so afraid
You have crushed my will
As my tears run softly down

I ask you to stop
You continue anyway
Is this what you call love
As I shut my eyes

I could have been free
Without your chains
But my tears still run softly down

Will I ever know
A life away from you
As my tears still run softly down
Track Name: Stay (live)
I come through the door
You're not sitting by the table
I look away
Can't hold this image in my mind
I wish I was blind
To the hope your face will bring

Why should I
Keep this guilt wrapped up in chains
Pain again
'Cause my heart's not made that way
We can be
Just as close if I am far away
Love you enough
To stay ... to stay

Oceans of love
Fill my empty heart
And I wonder
Would it always be the same
Carry me inside
These feelings will not die
You'll be with me forever

Why should I
Keep this guilt wrapped up in chains
Pain again
'Cause my heart's not made that way
We can be
Just as close if I am far away
Love you enough
To stay ... to stay

Why should I
Keep this guilt wrapped up in chains
Pain again
'Cause my heart's not made that way
We will be
Just as close though I am far away
I loved you enough
To stay ... to stay
Track Name: To Kill a King (live)
On the other side
Of these castle walls
Lies a world I’m not a part of
Forbidden to even think for myself
Dared to step outside the line
For fear of torture

I always wanted to know
How to kill a king
Use his madness against him
Forsake everything
Though his grip is so tight
And it’s choking me
I will find a way out
Of this loyalty

Just when I thought I was
Running out of time
The King stood trembling at my bedside
He said “if you leave me now,
My suicide will follow”
And I said “what are you waiting for?”

Now I know
How to kill a king
Now he suffers in silence
With a poisonous sting
He could not steal my might
And it seems to be
I have found a way out
Of his loyalty

I know that I can survive
Outside this cage
Maybe now I can fight through
All this rage

I’m so glad I knew
How to kill the King
I tore down the boundaries
And took off the ring
To reap what you sow
Is how it should be
There’s no one left on the throne
Of this royalty