Pulse of the Earth

by Hungry Lucy

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In mid-2008, indie duo, Hungry Lucy were recording weekly podcasts and had finished writing songs for their 4th full-length release. By all accounts, things were going well for the band. Popularity was at an all-time high, and their music was selling nicely across the globe. From the inside though, Hungry Lucy had become more about social media, and less about the kind of great songs the pair loved to write. Gone was the mystery, spark and creativity that once burned bright for Christa Belle and Warren Harrison. With that, the couple ceased podcasting, scrapped most of of the nearly-complete album and immersed themselves in making something truly magical. Now, in early 2010… "Pulse of the Earth" is released to the World.

On "Pulse of the Earth" Christa and Warren cast aside all expectations and spent time isolated in the mountains of Tennessee and away from the World. With no outside disturbances the duo were able to ignore trends and dive headlong into the art of storytelling. From these stories were born 10 songs of mystery, other-worldly beings and the spirit of the earth. As always, Hungry Lucy crosses genres at a moments notice, while somehow maintaining a cohesive vision. Christa Belle's haunting voice digs deep and soars high above a bed of gypsy melodies, ominous drones and tribal rhythms. At once ambient, catchy and full of drama, these 10 songs will get inside you, settle within and bring you in sync with the pulse of the earth.


released February 8, 2010

Written, performed and produced by Hungry Lucy (Christa Belle & Warren Harrison)




Hungry Lucy Cincinnati

Hungry Lucy have been making "gypsy electronica" since Nov, 1998. Their unique blend of haunting female vocals, rich electronic instrumentation and groovy beats is ever evolving with each new release. Since 1998, Hungry Lucy has released many albums, made countless compilation appearances and toured the U.S. several times.

"Intoxicating gypsy electronica with enchanting female vocals"
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Track Name: Just Imagine
My dear sister I can’t understand
The troubled times in which we live
Do you believe that love is all we need?
Impossible superlative

Just imagine we are gone
We fade away, into the sun
No one here, no legacy
No him, no you, no us
No me

Can you see what’s inside your hands?
Something secret to feed
Give it memories of good and bad
To help you find what this life means

Just imagine we are gone
We cannot hide from anyone
All I want is legacy
To know him know you, know us
Know me
Track Name: Pulse of the Earth
I stand alone once again
Helpless, as they call my name
Fingers descend from the sky
Stardust falls from my eye

So when I die
(leave me be)
Just let me lie
(beneath the tree)
The greatest
The greatest tree

I feel the pulse of the earth
Sisters and Mothers
Science is giving birth
Echoes of water

Beneath the tree.
The great, greatest tree. Beneath.

Offerings they take from me
Skin and saliva
Seeping into the ground
Silence has a sound
Track Name: Balloon Girl
So far away
She heard
A little voice say
There’s no reason
To laugh or to sing
There’s no reason
For anything

You have everything
You could ever want
You have everything that you need
They adore you
They will follow you
They will happily bow at your feet
You will bathe in the light
That they cast in the night
For you are the Carnivale

Inside her kaleidoscope heart
She feels so broken apart
When will she know
When she’s ready to fly
Invisible mother
With tears in her eyes

She is drifting away
Too high, cold and afraid
She doesn’t know if she can go home
Just follow the stars
Wherever you roam
Track Name: Bumble
He tried to find a soft place for you to lay
In the field, where you loved to run and play
He’s getting closer, closer, closer to the real you
But then he stumbled, bumbling around
Tripping over clouds
Sliding down a rainbow
Falling through a sea of stars
He’s coming back down

Inside a circle of stones
That goes so deep
He wants to make you a bed
Eternal sleep
He’s getting warmer, warmer, warmer
Your hiding place
But then he stumbled, bumbling around
They came up from the ground
Took you far away
Fell into the night, slept among the stars
You’re going back down

He never knew how you came to be
On the bed, waiting patiently
It’s not the journey, but the destination
He’s learning not to question
Track Name: Hill
I need to find some magick key
I need to calm this fire in me
I’m waiting for the past to be clear
Muddy waters magnify my fear

To find your pain we must go underneath the hill
Your heart is broken and we cannot find your will
The truth is here if you can open eyes to see
For if you stop and look you’ll find that you are free

My ghosts are staring back at me
Reflecting all I used to be
My love, my god, my history
Holding everything that I can’t see

This corridor is dark and long
Displaying all that I’ve done wrong
I realize the past is gone
Now I need to learn to carry on
Track Name: Simone
I cannot see the way that you do
But I feel everything
I paint it all upon the wall
I cannot see the way that you do

I think one day you will find me
I know not what I do
Let the water rise
I think one day you will find me

Seeing in the midst of a new era

I cannot cry the way that you do
My soul’s not the same
I suffocate for you
I cannot cry the way that you do

I will not die the way that you do
The stone knows all I need
Return and face the pain
I will not die the way that you do
Track Name: Voyeur
I walked to the door
And I wasn’t sure
How I'd find you
I saw a glow at your window
Right behind you
You were all alone
No TV, no telephone
When I found you
As you softly slept
I gently wept beside you

I will hold your hand (tonight)
I will love you wrong (or right)
We don’t have to live a lie

You woke to find me there
But you didn’t care
When you saw me
You held my gaze so deep
With sorrow underneath
Do you know me?
You looked away
As I began to prey
You would want me
You try to move but I will prove
You will love me

i will hold your hand (so tight)
I will love you wrong (or right)
Please don’t close your eyes
Track Name: The Standing Ones
Broken down we hit the floor
Anger turns to sorrow
Is it justified that we
Won’t see tomorrow
Screaming in pain
I cannot stay
Remember me as I was yesterday

We are born into this world
Too small to crawl
Too blind to see
We must come together
Above it all
We are the standing ones

Even though I’m in the ground
My dreams are waking
As I watch you on your knees
My heart is breaking
Come find me in the green
Where my echoes whisper
Through your voice I can be heard
Find the listener

Wind will carry me away
To find what is true
Plant the future at your feet
I will surround you
Sunlight shining bright
Wakes my hibernation
I’m alive again
For generations
Track Name: Sunday Smiled
I don’t know why
You cannot love me
Did you even try?
Was it that I
Could love too easy
Did your love die?
If you were to go
I think you should know
I will follow
I will follow

I don’t know why
I cannot love you
Like yesterday
Your willingness
To always love me
Drove me away
I’ll be there for you
If you want me to
I will hold you
I will hold you

Our biggest fear
Brought us together
And here we are
Your hand in mine
Our past behind us
We’ve come so far
Sunday smiled on you
Sunday smiled on me
And I love you
And you love me
Track Name: Wandering
You always said you’d rescue me someday
Did you forget, or did you just not care?
I was afraid to run away alone
Now I can see you’d only make things worse

It’s only me
I’m wandering
I’m on my own now
I have to leave
I have to know
I have to try

Why are you still inside my heart these days?
I was ok, until I thought of you
All of those disappointing things you’ve done
Come in my mind and take away my love

I have to be
Just wandering
I want to hate you
I want to see
My light inside
Start to glow

You’ll never know
You’ll never be
Part of my life
I’ll be ok
I will be fine

I’ll always be
Just wandering
With my shadow
No light inside
The love has died
Because of you
I’ve hit the wall
I lost it all
There’s nothing here
But pain and fear
You’ll never know
You’ll never know
You’ll never know